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October 5, 2022 - October 7, 2022

The First Virtual Event Dedicated to Leveraging Measurement, Data, and Analytics for Business Growth.

We’ve put together an All-Star line-up of the top measurement, data, and marketing experts to reveal their top strategies and tactics to help you grow your business.

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This Year's Prizes include:

🔥 Supermetrics License for Google Data Studio – (Value: $468)

🔥 1 Course access to Simmer by Simo Ahava – (Value: $579)

🔥 1 Google Analytics 4 Course by AnalyticsMania – (Value: $499)

🔥 Data Studio Masterclass by Ahmad Kanani – (Value: $1500)

🔥 Google Analytics 4 Process Toolbox for Busy DIYers by DataDrivenU – (Value: $499/year)

🔥 Guest spot on the Conversion Tracking Playbook podcast by Brad Redding – (Value: priceless)

🔥 Access to Data Studio Efficiency Course by JJ Reynolds – (Value: $149)

🔥 Confidently Craft A Magnetic Brand Workbook by Samantha Venia Logan – (Value: $100)

🔥 Digital Copy of Data Reimagined Book by Jodi Daniels – (Value: $7.99)

🔥 Google Ads audit by Miroslav Varga – (Value: $639)

🔥 Google Sheets Course Bundle by Ben Collins – (Value: $899)

🔥 Data 1 License to the flagship Presentation + Storytelling Boot Camp Course by Lea Pica – (Value: $497)

🔥 Two Content SEO upgrade services for one article or page by Branko Kral – (Value: $220)

🔥 SEO content ideas for a technical topic by Branko Kral – (Value: $360)

🔥 1 Free single website privacy notice audit by Jodi Daniels (Value: $500)

🔥 S'mores Gift Baskets by Northwoods – (Value: $40/each)

🔥 1 MeasureSchool YouTube Video sponsorship – (Value: $1500)

🔥 1 year Measurement Marketing Academy (Pro Edition) – (Value: $5000)

🔥 3x MeasureSummit All Access Pass (Value: $897)

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Once again, the world’s smartest data-driven marketers and analytics experts join forces to share with you what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s working RIGHT NOW when it comes to measuring your marketing.

If you’re a marketing professional, agency owner, or entrepreneur and you want to know your numbers, the MeasureSummit is for YOU.

Meet The Speakers

Simo Ahava

Co-founder, Simmer


10 Years Of Google Tag Manager – Looking Back And Forward

Ben Collins

Founder, Collins Analytics LLC


Google Sheets and BigQuery

Charles Farina

Head of Innovation, Adswerve
GA4 Tips & Tricks

Julius Fedorovicius

CEO and Founder, Analytics Mania


30 Google Analytics 4 Quick Tips and Tricks

Jodi Daniels

CEO & Privacy Consultant, Red Clover Advisors

Privacy Regulations: What’s on the Horizon, How to Prepare

Moe Kiss

Marketing Data Lead, Canva
Data as a Product: Getting the business to buy into data

Peep Laja

CEO, Wynter


How to Measure What Matters the Most: The Words

Lea Pica

Data Storytelling Advocate, Story-Driven Data

Lights, Camera, Inaction? The Hollywood Storytelling Secrets You Aren’t Using in your Data Presentations

Mechie Nkengla

Chief Data Strategist, Data Products LLC
Data Literacy for Marketers – The Data Impact

Zach Randall

CEO & Founder, ListenLayer
Controversies in Privacy & Consent

Brad Redding

Founder & CEO, Elevar


Top 10 Tracking & Analytics Lessons for Shopify

Jeff Sauer

Founder and Lead Instructor, Data Driven U
The GA4 Process Toolbox

Krista Seiden

Founder & Principle, KS Digital LLC


Maximize your use of Google Analytics 4!

Naomi Smulders

Data Scientist, Online Dialogue

Mining the customer journey of your web user

Also featuring...

Agata Adamiak

Director and Senior Web Analytics Consultant, Business Ahead

Your team should find valuable insights in Google Analytics in minutes, not hours. Here’s how.

Julie Brade

Account Manager & Lead Instructor,

Measuring Your User Journey to Know Exactly Where to Optimize

Jim Cain

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Napkyn Analytics

Data's New Normal: First Party like it's 1999

Amy Hebdon

Founder and Managing Director, Paid Search Magic

Create persuasive data stories with Google Data Studio

Ahmad Kanani

Founder & Head of Analytics, Siavak

Data Studio can do that?!

Branko Kral

Co-Founder & Content Director, Chosen Data

Feedback Loops for Snowballing Revenue from Organic Traffic

Samantha "Venia" Logan

Online Community Architect / Consultant, SociallyConstructed.Online

Measuring Community Health: Beyond Correlation with Qualitative Data

Brian Massey

Conversion Scientist, Conversion Sciences

Stupid Google Sheets Tricks for Experimenters

Fred Pike

Managing Director / GA & GTM Practice Lead, Northwoods Software
Bees and CPCs: a Bee2B PPC ListenLayer Case Study

JJ Reynolds

Founder & Visualization Strategist, DataStudio.VIP

Build Your Actions Into Dashboards & Go Viral (internally)

Ralph Spandl

Head of Data Visualization, Supermetrics

Smarter Charts Make Better Dashboards: Advanced data visualization tips for Google Data Studio

Miroslav Varga

Martech specialist, Escape Ltd.

Math pitfalls in Martech

Meet Your Hosts

Chris "Mercer" Mercer

Creator of

Mercer is considered an authority in helping marketers know their numbers in an easy-to-understand manner…. Apart from training people how to measure and improve their sales funnels, he is a top contributor and speaker at multiple analytics and optimizations conferences and blogs like ConversionXL, Content Jam, DigitalMarketer, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Social Media Examiner and more.

Julian Juenemann

Creator of MeasureSchool

Julian learned the ropes of Digital Marketing in different startups he co-founded and quickly became fascinated with how data could influence his marketing effort and business outcomes. Going out on his own in 2013 he started to help other businesses adopt the data-driven way of Digital Marketing through his consultancy JJAnalytics. In 2015 he started the YouTube channel MeasureSchool to reach and teach this new way of marketing to other fellow Marketers. With over 100k subscribers it has become the leading (video) source for many marketers to educate themselves on the data-driven way.

What You Have To Look Forward To…

The MeasureSchool and teams worked together to bring you a power-packed summit to set the stage for the new era of the measurement professional.

MeasureSummit gives you the most up to date strategies, tactics, and techniques for 2022 and beyond.

Not only will you learn more about tools (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio), you’ll get access to proven strategies that have been battle tested in the real world.

The speakers are first and foremost practitioners of the craft.

And we’ve all joined under one mission…

Helping You Grow Your Knowledge, Skills, and  Business With Data-Driven Marketing!


What participants have to say about MeasureSummit

Join some of the top experts in data-driven marketing and learn how to leverage data to grow your business!

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