Controversies in Privacy & Consent

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In a world of rapid change, and complete confusion, there is no shortage of strong opinions. But, unfortunately, most have taken a stance on privacy, not based on deeply rooted beliefs or solid technical knowledge, but out of fear – the fear of ending up on the wrong side of the debate!

Strong technical knowledge of consent regulation is sorely lacking. And some of the biggest promoters of “privacy” happen to gain tremendously from the data lockdown.
So, what is the “right” answer? In this Mainstage Session, we will explore some technical aspects of privacy while using real-world analogies to challenge our existing beliefs.

Don’t join this Session if you are afraid of controversy!

Who is Zach Randall?

Zach Randall is the Founder & CEO of ListenLayer – the world’s first cloud data layer platform.

As a veteran digital marketer, he has led and grown digital agencies over the previous 16 years, providing consulting to enterprise and midmarket clients. He has managed over $300 million in search & social spending over his career and implemented hundreds of measurement strategies.

Today Zach’s primary focus is on developing technology solutions that solve data problems. You can hear more from Zach by joining The State of Analytics podcast.

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