Mining the customer journey of your web user

Topic Description:

As commerce moves rapidly towards the digital domain, so grows the need to understand customer behaviour on online platforms. After all, if we understand our customers needs we can cater our services accordingly. This talk demonstrates the challenges and opportunities we found when applying a process mining approach to mine the customer journey of our webstore visitors. It highlights the data preparation steps that need to be taken before we can apply our process mining technique, as well as the challenges that web tracking data in particular brings towards conducting a process discovery analysis. The talk concludes with some of the insights we gathered from our analyses.

Who is Naomi Smulders?

Naomi is a creative and enthusiastic data scientist, who is currently working at Online Dialogue, a small online experimentation consultancy firm. She has a background in Psychology (BSc) and Cognitive Neuroscience (RMSc) and an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) in Data Science. In short, she has a keen interest in analysing large quantities of data to gain insights into human behaviour and particularly enjoys storytelling, data visualisation, data analytics and any combination thereof. This is perfect for her current job where she gets to design new data science products in an interdisciplinary team of psychologists, designers, and developers.

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"Google Sheets and BigQuery"

Topic Description:

You'll get a look at how the Query function in Google Sheets is similar to SQL syntax and can help you learn BigQuery.

Plus, a side-by-side comparison of actions with the Query function and BigQuery equivalents.

Ben will also use Connected Sheets to bring data from BigQuery into Sheets.

Who is Ben Collins?

Ben helps individuals and businesses better understand their data and work more efficiently with Google Workspace tools.

Over 50,000 professionals from 1,000+ companies have enrolled in his training courses, including employees from PwC, Netflix, Verizon, Google, Capital One, and other Fortune 500 companies.

Google recognized Ben as a Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace Technology in 2019, one of only a handful worldwide.

Ben works primarily with Google Sheets and Apps Script and has extensive experience with Google Data Studio, Microsoft Excel, SQL, and Tableau. He previously taught data courses and workshops for General Assembly in Washington, D.C.

Connect with Ben on: LinkedIn | Twitter