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Most marketers believe in the importance of data and are familiar with leveraging it to inform strategies, measure campaign success, and improve their understanding of customers.

Nevertheless, many face challenges in their ability to understand, use, and communicate data within context. There's a required level of data literacy for effective marketing. With data literacy predicted to become the most important driver of business success over the next few years, it is imperative as a marketer to be on the forefront of this. We will discuss what data literacy is, why it matters and most importantly how to begin crafting your data literacy journey as a marketer.

Who is Mechie Nkengla?

Mechie Nkengla is the CEO and Principal Data Strategist at Data Products LLC, focusing on educating clients on varying aspects of data and modern technology, data strategy, data science, data literacy, and AI/ML initiatives.

Formerly, she was a director at EY Analytics Center of Excellence, taught courses in the Masters of Data Analytics programs at the University of Chicago, and is a holder of multiple patents. Mechie has a PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Applied Mathematics as well as a master’s degree in Mathematical Computer Science.

She enjoys hiking, dancing, and eating seafood, not necessarily in that order.

Ben helps individuals and businesses better understand their data and work more efficiently with Google Workspace tools.

Over 50,000 professionals from 1,000+ companies have enrolled in his training courses, including employees from PwC, Netflix, Verizon, Google, Capital One, and other Fortune 500 companies.

Google recognized Ben as a Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace Technology in 2019, one of only a handful worldwide.

Ben works primarily with Google Sheets and Apps Script and has extensive experience with Google Data Studio, Microsoft Excel, SQL, and Tableau. He previously taught data courses and workshops for General Assembly in Washington, D.C.

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