Bees and CPCs: A Bee2B PPC ListenLayer Case Study

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Every marketer wants to know – *really* know – how effective their ad spend is. In this case study, I'll show the 10-step process we use with a high-end B2B client to track and report on every single ad conversion. Thanks to ListenLayer, GA, GTM, lpurls, and Google Sheets, no conversions fall through the cracks.

Who is Fred Pike?

Fred Pike is Northwoods' resident analytics guru and a renowned expert in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Fred is a sought-after speaker and educator on GA and GTM, presenting and leading courses at industry-leading conferences, events and organizations including Conversion XL, MeasureSummit, SuperWeek, and more.

As a self-proclaimed GA and GTM freak, Fred is passionate about finding the best ways to drive traffic to websites, making sure visitors find what they're looking for, and making sure GA and GTM are tracking everything correctly. If you have questions about GA, GA4, GTM or anything analytics-related, Fred is your go-to expert!

In his spare time, he plays both the guitar and mandolin and is the president of the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra. His favorite non-human child is his beloved dog, Xuxa, who makes frequent visits to the Northwoods office and regular appearances in Fred's presentations and courses.

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