Preparing for Europe's AI Act, 5 years into GDPR enforcement

Topic Description:

Starting off from a recent fine from the Berlin Beauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit (BlnBDI) around obligations for automated decision making (art. 22 of the GDPR), this presentation will walk the audience through how teams collaborate around compliance obligations.
Risk with respect to processing of personal data continues to increase since the ink dried on the GDPR in 2016. Enforcement as of 2018 has signaled a need for companies to act responsibly with their data processing operations. 

While data governance is surely not the sexist job of the XXI st century and data self-service is on everybody’s mind, the increased complexity of integrated data systems requires collaboration. You possibly know who your companies’ data protection officer is. Or not. Let’s talk about who could be responsible for what, how privacy-by-design consensus can be reached and where technology plays a role in preparing for an accountable, increasingly automated and risk mitigated, future.

Who is Aurélie Pols?

Mantra: Data is the New Infrastructure, Privacy is the New Green, Trust is the new Currency
Pioneering digital analytics in Europe, Aurélie co-found OX2 in Belgium in 2003, which was sold to UK based Publicis in 2008 with an EBIT of 20%.
While her background is rooted in econometrics, digital allowed her to cook with data early on. It also brought worry about the future.

Today her career is retro-fed by 3 pillars: her own consultancy, working as “consiglieri” to digital actors (some of which as DPO), teaching at business schools and universities about data privacy and collaborating with EU Institutions. At present she is a member of the expert group for the Observatory for the Platform Economy and of the pool of experts of the EDPB.

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"Google Sheets and BigQuery"

Topic Description:

You'll get a look at how the Query function in Google Sheets is similar to SQL syntax and can help you learn BigQuery.

Plus, a side-by-side comparison of actions with the Query function and BigQuery equivalents.

Ben will also use Connected Sheets to bring data from BigQuery into Sheets.

Who is Ben Collins?

Ben helps individuals and businesses better understand their data and work more efficiently with Google Workspace tools.

Over 50,000 professionals from 1,000+ companies have enrolled in his training courses, including employees from PwC, Netflix, Verizon, Google, Capital One, and other Fortune 500 companies.

Google recognized Ben as a Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace Technology in 2019, one of only a handful worldwide.

Ben works primarily with Google Sheets and Apps Script and has extensive experience with Google Data Studio, Microsoft Excel, SQL, and Tableau. He previously taught data courses and workshops for General Assembly in Washington, D.C.

Connect with Ben on: LinkedIn | Twitter